No More: A Letter to My Senators and Congressman

Note: I sent a similar letter to Senator Toomey and Congressman Marino.

Senator Robert Casey
393 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Casey:

Today I write to you as a fellow Catholic, a fellow native of northeastern Pennsylvania, a Franciscan, and a deeply concerned American citizen whom you represent in our country’s great legislative branch. Mr. Senator, today I write to you to express one simple thought: No more.

The gun violence and domestic terrorism must end. This morning’s shooting at a club in Orlando is only the latest in a seemingly endless list of violent attacks on human life, our most precious gift and most basic right. On Friday a young singer just beginning her career was shot and killed in plain sight of witnesses. Earlier this month two people were killed on the campus of UCLA, another off campus, by a gunman. Late last year in Roanoke, a reporter and a photographer, both in their 20s were gunned down on live television.

When we add these latest incidents to the list that includes Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Umpqua Community College, Seattle Pacific University, and so many more, we must be nothing short of horrified. Violent public murder is running amok in our country, and there is no sign of it stopping. When will our government set aside selfish political divides, unite for the good of the people, and say, “No more”? When will you stand up on the floor of our nation’s senate and say, “No more”?

The time for debate and politics is long past. Social media posts of thoughts and prayers, wearing commutative ribbons, and observing moments of silence simply do not cut it. Americans are frightened, and we are in danger every day.

The dignity of human life is being destroyed in our homeland. The time is here to get the weapons away from criminals. The time is here to protect our citizens. It has been said that guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Indeed, they do, with guns. It must stop. We elected you to stop it.

I pray every day as I am sure you do. Now it is time to let God answer those prayers by working through you and your colleagues to put an end gun violence. I am calling on you, Sir, to represent the best interest of all Americans. Start the change. Demand a bipartisan solution. Make there be no more.

Best regards,

John Baldino, OFS

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